Citiroc 1

Citiroc ASIC layout

CITIROC is a 32-channel front-end ASIC designed to readout silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) for single photon detection. Citiroc has an innovative 2-level trigger allowing to trig on the single photon and to validate the event on a second level trigger at higher energy allowing a precise time measurement and a good noise rejection.
An adjustment of the SiPM high-voltage is possible using a channel-by-channel DAC connected to the ASIC inputs. That allows a fine SiPM gain and dark noise adjustment at the system level to correct for the non-uniformity of SiPMs.
Timing measurement better than 100ps RMS jitter one single photon is possible along with 1% linearity energy measurement up to 2500 ph-e. The power consumption is about 2mW/channel, excluding ASIC outing buffer.

TRL Technology Readiness Level  8 - Full system using ASIC running - learn more
Available versions
  • Citiroc 1 : available - instock - to be discontinued
  • Citiroc 1A : available - in stock
Detector Read-Out  SiPM, SiPM array
Number of Channel 32
Signal Polarity Positive
Sensitivity Trigger on 1/3 photo-electron
Timing Resolution   better than 100ps RMS on single photo-electron 
Dynamic Range 0-400 pC i.e 2500 photo-electrons @ 106 SiPM gain
Packaging & Dimension 
  • Naked die - 4.1x4.1 mm - 16.5mm2 deprecated
  • TQFP 160 28x28mm
  • TFBGA 353 12x12mm
Power Consumption
  • 60mW Analogue Core (excluding outing buffer)
  • 95mW Asic Outing (all outpouts on)
Inputs 32 voltage inputs with independant SiPM HV adjustments
  • 32 trigger outputs 
  • 1 multiplexed charge output
  • 1 ASIC trigger output (Trigger OR)
Internal Programmable Features
  • 32 HV adjustment for SiPM (16x18bits)
  • Trigger Threshold Adjustment (10bits)
  • Channel by channel gain tuning
  • 32 Trigger Masks
  • Channel by channel output enable
  • Trigger Latch
Evaluation systems
  • Evaluation board : Available - 32 channels
  • GAMMACAM system : not available
  • LUTES system : in design


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