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Weeroc designs high-performance analogue and mixed signal ASICs

We know there is a long way from a good idea to a good product. WeeROC provides all services to get your innovative project up and running. We are committed to fast and efficient design that will allow your product to embed dedicated state-of-the-art microelectronics in no time.

We can handle your project from the specification definition to the production and integration of your ASIC in your system.


Photodetectors read-out

What is the point to have state-of-the art photodetectors if you loose half the perfs in the first stage of your read-out electronics ?

WeeROC designs fully-integrated low-power front-end ASICs. We can get the best out of your photodetectors.

Our team has altogether over a century of experience in photodetector read-out. When it comes to photodection, we know what we are talking about.

medical imaging

State-of-the-Art Medical Imaging...

Anyone in the medical imaging field knows there is a major trend for number-of-channel increase in the upcoming systems. Furthermore, future medical imaging equipments will feature multi-modality and extreme sensitivity for better diagnostics and faster acquisition.

More channels, less room, les power budget, better performance... WeeROC designs customer specific read-out chips to help them achieve the upcoming technical breakthrough in the medical imaging field.


Radiation Tolerant Design

Weeroc team comes from high energy physics field. They have designed rad-hard ASICs that are currently installed in CERN and in other worldwide research facilities.

Specific requirements such as radiation hardness, large temperature range, failure analysis is something we are used to.

Weeroc Technology Readiness Levels estimate the maturity of systems and circuits in order to help designer choosing a read-out electronics nad better understand the level of risk taken by chosing a specific circuit. The maturity of system and circuits follow the scale hereafter defined :

1 - ASIC project
2 - ASIC in foundry
3 - silicon available
4 - First measurements, bug detected
5 - First measurement, conclusive in lab
6 - Application prototype available
7 - Full system using ASIC available
8 - Full system using ASIC running
9 - Full system running ASIC , reliability proven

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