Weeroc is a spin-off company from Omega laboratory (IN2P3/CNRS, french governmental agency for fundamental research in astrophysics, particle physics and nuclear physics). Weeroc designs and provides analogue and mixed ASICs for industry. Our main customers are major actors in the following fields:

  • Medical imaging
  • Homeland security
  • Nuclear protection
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Space (launchers and satellites)

Weeroc helps its customers with the following products and services:

  • We provide on-the-shelf programmable analogue and mixed front-end ASICs for photodetector and particle detector read-out.
  • We design dedicated ASICs for a customer and provide designed ASICs on request with full exclusivity
  • We can act as a design house and design specific product to a customer with IP transfer
  • We can act as auditor and provide expertise on external projects

 Our products are distributed worldwide by our partner CAEN.