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Weeroc read-out chips require strong EMC comsideration as they input low amplitude low noise signal from detectors and output digital triggers or digital data streams. Beyond these critical design considerations, many analogue bias points can be finely tuned to fit your specific requirement.

In order to assist you in your design, Weeroc offer several solutions.

Reference design

Our evaluation system are open source. These design can be used as a reference for a dedicated application. Our application engineers can answer specific question during our customer design.


Integration service

Weeroc offer specific dedicated integration service. Our application engineers will build your front-end system following your requirements. Our industrial design flow can adapt to our customer requirements from design entry and layout to complete system design.

 gammacam detoure web

GammaCam pebroc web

Full Data Acquisition design and maintenance

Our partner and distributor CAEN can handle our customer complex DAQ design and front-end integration as well as the maintenance along experiment life. Weeroc collaborate with CAEN to provide our customer with the best possible service.