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Weeroc provide a high-end microelectronics dedicated design service for your specific application. Once designed and qualified, dedicated design are supplied exclusively to the customer who ordered its sepcific design. Most of our customer are now engaged in long term partnership with Weeroc to improve their product with an efficient and fruitful scientific collaboration.

A team of analog & mixed IC designer

Weeroc team includes both analog and digital microelectronics engineers with a strong emphasis on analog expertise. Our designers have a strong background on low-power low-noise fast analog IC design. Our long experience in ASIC design for particle physics experiment allowed our team to acquire a strong expertise on radiation hardened design.

Your project handled from design specification to tested production

Your collaboration with Weeroc can be matched to your need depending on the project configuration. Our values come from fundamental research and is focused on open and transparent collaboration with our customers.

Weeroc is ISO9001 certified. Our design process follow ECSS-Q-ST-60-02C space standard. Our software tools and test instruments allow us to proceed with the full design flow from design specification to tested production.

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Silicon proven IP library for risk reduction

 Weeroc has been working with many technologies for years. We have validated many IP blocks in several technologies allowing reduced risk in design. 

Technology already used by Weeroc 
 AMS 0.35u - SiGe BiCMOS technology
 TSMC 130nm CMOS technology
 MICROCHIP ATMX150RHA - 150nm radhard technology
XFAB XT018 - SOI 180nm CMOS high voltage technology
XFAB XH018 - 180nm CMOS high voltage technology