Radiation hardened microelectronics design

Aerospace industry

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Photodetector read-out ASICs

Nuclear decommissionning

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Dedicated and off-the shelf read-out ASICs

Scientific instrumentation

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Family of photodetectors read-out ASIC

Weeroc provide read-out circuits for many kind of photodetectors.

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Design of ASIC dedicated to your application

Dedicated ASIC design

Weeroc can design your perfect ASIC based on your requiremements.

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radiation hardened design

Radiation hardened design

Weeroc design radiation hardened analogue and mixed signal ASIC.

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Application domains

Triroc 1A is embedded in a novel 13k-channel brain-PET insert

Medical imaging

Trimage collaboration

Citiroc 1A is reading out a cerenkov telescope camera used in CTA experiment

Scientific instrumentation

ASTRI collaboration

Weeroc ASICs flying on Ariane 5

Aerospace industry

Dedicated design - radiation hardened

Weeroc ASICs are used in new radioactivity measurement devices

Nuclear decommissioning

Dedicated ASIC - Citiroc 1A - Petiroc 2A

Weeroc ASICs are used in new devices preventing nuclear proliferation

Homeland security

Gemroc - Petiroc 2A
Medical imaging
Scientific instrumentation
Aerospace industry
Nuclear decommissioning
Homeland security

Our history

CNRS/IN2P3 Weeroc team is working as engineers in IN2P3

1990 - 2012

Weeroc Foundation Adventure begins

Weeroc is certified ISO 9001


Spatial Our first ASIC is qualified and is flying

CAEN is our distributor CAEN becomes Weeroc exclusive distributor for scientific instrumentation applications


Medical Imaging Weeroc ASIC is reading a full PET

Growing up Weeroc is moving to a bigger facility


Medical Imaging

Disruptive brain imager

The trimage imager imager is a trimodal apparatus combining MRI, PET and EEG. It has been built to be a cost-effective device dedicated to early diagnosis of schyzophrenia and bipolarity.

Weeroc has designed a novel ASIC to read-out a brain PET (Positron-Emission Tomography). More than 200 ASICs are reading a total of 13K electronics channels.

Disruptive brain imager

Aerospace industry

Critical HiRel ASICs

We have a strong expertise in radiation hardened analog and mixed-signal microelectronics design.
That is why main actors of aerospace industry asked Weeroc to design a strategic component for them.

We have designed radiation hardened HiRel bus transceivers that are now regularly flying in launchers and satellites platform. The whole design was handled in less than two years.

Critical HiRel ASICs

Scientific instrumentation

New generation telescope

ASTRI is a telescope camera for a cerenkov telescope dedicated to an astro physics experiment (CTA - Cerenkov Telescope Array)

Weeroc has designed CItiroc ASIC to read-out a Cernekov Telescope Camera.

New generation telescope

Some numbers

Customer Worldwide
Electronic channels produced
Engineering Hours
ASIC designed

Photo feed

Weeroc team presenting the Citiroc 1A ASIC
Weeroc ASIC is flying on Ariane 5
CERN babymind is using Citiroc 1A
Weeroc team with a new 13k channel PET detector prototype
ASTRI camera using Citiroc 1A
Older PET generation

Photomultiplier-tubes read-out chip



MAROC 3A is a 64-channel front-end ASIC designed to readout negative fast input current pulses such as those provided by Multi Anode Photo Multipliers. Each channel provides a 100% trigger rate for signal greater than 1/3 photoelectron (50fC) and a charge measurement up to 30 photoelectrons (~ 5 pC) with a linearity of 2%. The gain of each channel can be tuned between 0 and 4 thanks to an 8 bit variable gain preamplifier allowing to compensate the non- uniformity between detector channels. A slow shaper combined with two Sample and Hold capacitors allows storing the charge up to 5 pC as well as the baseline. In parallel, 64 trigger outputs are obtained thanks to two possible trigger paths: one made of a bipolar or unipolar fast (15 ns) shaper followed by one discriminator for the photon counting and one made with a bipolar fast shaper (with a lower gain) followed by a discriminator to deliver triggers for larger input charges (> 1 pe). The discriminator thresholds are set by two internal 10-bit DACs. A digital charge output is provided by an integrated 8, 10 or 12 bit Wilkinson ADC.

TRL Technology Readiness Level 9 - Full system running ASIC , reliability proven
Available versions
  • Maroc 3a : available
  • Maroc 3 : discontinued
Detector Read-Out  MAPMT, SiPM
Number of Channel 64
Signal Polarity Negative
Sensitivity Trigger on 1/3 photo-electron or 50fC with a 10PM gain
Timing Resolution 

60ps RMS on single photo-electron, threshold 1/3 of photo-electron

Dynamic Range 5 pC (106 PM gain), Integral Non Linearity : 2% up to 5 pC
Packaging & Dimension 
  • PQFP240
  • TFBGA 353 12x12mm
Power Consumption

3.5 mW/ch, power supply=3.5V

Inputs 64 currents inputs
  • 64 trigger outputs
  • OR of the 64 triggers for each of the 2 discriminators
  • 1 multiplexed analog charge output
  • 1 digital charge measurement (8, 10, or 12 bits)
Internal Programmable Features
  • Gain adjustment between 0 and 2 over 8 bits for each input preamp
  • Trigger threshold adjustment (10bits)
  • Analog and digital charge measurement
  • 64 trigger masks
Evaluation systems
  • Evaluation board : Available - 64 channels


Photomultiplier-tubes read-out chip

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