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Get a quick glance at our ASIC performances

Weeroc ASICs can be evaluated by purchasing our open-source open-hardware evaluation systems.Integrating a DUT ASIC, a FPGA and a dedicated software. Evaluation system connect to PC using an USB link. Our software allows quick and reliable measurements.


Hook up your photodetector and switch on

Weeroc evaluation system offer a simple and reliable detector connection to easily connect any kind of photodetector. Need an adaptor board ? Our application engineer can do it for you or you can design your own based on the evaluation baord schematics and drawing.

Connect your board to your computer and start your measurements.

Weeroc software petiroc spectrum left

Build a demonstrator in a snap

Our evaluation systems can easily be tuned to your need. All evaluation board design is open source and can be tuned either by your development team or by our application engineers.

Our C# software are available as open source code. Need specific firmware hack ? You can modify our firmware using free Altera-Intel Quartus program. You can get back to factory firmware in a click in our program.

VHDL Quartus

Build your own read-out based on our evaluation system

 Our evaluation system has been extensively tested. They can be used as reference design to help you build a first-time-good read-out system based on our ASICs.

PCB Altium