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PIN Diodes, Silicon Strips and GEMs Read-Out Chip

Psiroc artist view

Psiroc is a 64-channel front-end ASIC designed to readout PIN diodes, silicon strips and GEMs, handling detector capacitances ranging from 0 up to few hundreds of pF.
Psiroc allows triggering down to 0.5 fC on sub-20pF detector capacitances and provides dual-gain energy measurement with excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio on the high gain (SNR over 10 for 0.5 fC) and large dynamic range on the low gain. For input signals over few pC a channel-wise ToT output is also available. Psiroc can be programmed to output the shapers HG/LG, individual triggers or ToT signals (two output pins per channels). The preamplifier gain is adjustable from 125 mV/pC up to 4 V/pC.
Charge measurement is done with peak detectors but those can be used in a track & hold fashion thanks to an internal delay cell. Analog data are outputted on two multiplexed analog output and can be read-out with an external ADC. Shapers shaping time can be adjusted from 20 ns to 3 µs with a step of 20 ns up to 300 ns and a step of 200 ns up to 3 µs. Data acquisition can be done ASIC wide or channel-wise.
Channel-by-channel calibration on the trigger thresholds for time trigger and ToT can be done with individual 6-bit DACs.

TRL Technology Readiness Level  4 - ASIC validated in lab environment
Available versions
  • Psiroc 1: available March 2024
Detector Read-Out  PIN Diodes, Silicon strips, GEMs
Number of Channel 64
Signal Polarity Positive, negative
Sensitivity Trigger on 0.5 fC on both polarity
Timing Resolution 

< 150 ps RMS @ Qin = 4 fC ; Cd/Cf = 20p/1p (pa gain = 1 V/pC)

Dynamic Range Up to 5 pC with low gain charge measurement and up to 100 pC with ToT
Packaging & Dimension 
  • FC-BGA 516 20x20mm (Low-inductance flip chip)
Power Consumption

350 mW – Supply voltage : 1.2 V

Inputs 64 analogue inputs
  • 2 outputs per channel, either :
    • 64 LVDS triggers
    •  2 x 64 TTL triggers
    • 64 TTL triggers and 64 analog outputs
  • 2 multiplexed analogue outputs
  • 3 NOR64 trigger outputs
Internal Programmable Features
  • 3 trigger threshold tuning (10bits)
  • channel-by-channel gain and shaping time adjustment (τ = 20 ns to 3 µs)
  • individual trigger masking and cell powering.
Evaluation systems
  • Evaluation board : Available April 2024
  • Psiroc + PicoTDC evaluation system : Available April 2024

Psiroc block scheme